Show the Blue Dot with MapsIndoors - Part 1

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In this tutorial we will show how you can show a blue dot on the map, representing the user's location. The position will be served from a mocked positioning provider and displayed on a map in a view controller.

We will start by creating our implementation of a positioning provider.

Create the class DemoPositionProvider that implements PositionProvider:

public class DemoPositionProvider implements PositionProvider

Add some member variables to DemoPositionProvider:

  • mPositionUpdateListener: The listener object
  • isRunning: A running state boolean flag
  • mLatestPosition: The latest positioning result
  • mPositionUpdateTimer: A timer so we can update the position of the user within an time interval
OnPositionUpdateListener mPositionUpdateListener;
boolean isRunning = false;
MPPositionResult mLatestPosition;
MPPositionResult fixedPosition =  new MPPositionResult(
        new Point( 57.05813067, 9.95058065  ),
Timer mPositionUpdateTimer = new Timer();

Create a method called updatePosition. This will be our "loop" constantly posting a new position to the delegate:

  • Check if the provider has a running state
  • Assign the fixedPosition value to mLatestPosition
  • Notify the listener by calling onPositionUpdate passing the new position as argument
void updatePosition(){
        mLatestPosition = fixedPosition;
        mLatestPosition.setProvider( this );
        if (mPositionUpdateListener != null) {

Implement the isPSEnabled method to check is the Positioning system is working or not, in this case the PS is always working since it's a mocked positioning provider.

public boolean isPSEnabled() {
    return true ;

Implement the startPositioning method. We set the running boolean to true and schedule the repeating task of updating the user position by calling the updatePosition every 3 seconds:

public void startPositioning(@Nullable String arg) {
    isRunning = true;
    // Set the schedule function and rate
    mPositionUpdateTimer.scheduleAtFixedRate( new TimerTask() {
        public void run() {
    }, 0, 3000 );

Implement the stopPositioning method. We set the running boolean to false and stop the timer:

public void stopPositioning(@Nullable String arg) {
    isRunning = false;

Implement the isRunning method. Return the value of isRunning:

public boolean isRunning() {
    return isRunning ;

In Part 2 we will create the map fragment that displays the blue dot.

See the sample in