Getting a Marker from a Location for iOS

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  1. Developing on the new Arm-based Apple Silicon (M1) Macs requires building and running on a physical iOS device or using an iOS simulator running iOS 13.7, e.g. iPhone 11. This is a temporary limitation in Google Maps SDK for iOS, and as such also a limitation in MapsIndoors, due to the dependency to Google Maps.
  2. Note: Due to a bug in CocoaPods it is necessary to include the post_install hook in your Podfile described in the PodFile post_install wiki.

If a MPLocation has been displayed on a map, the marker can be retrieved using location.marker. On the opposite, get a MPLocation from a GMSMarker using getLocation(marker: GMSMarker) on MPMapControl:

myMapControl.getLocation(marker : GMSMarker!)