Custom Properties

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You have the option of adding Custom Properties to any piece of geodata within MapsIndoors. They can be anything that makes sense for you in building your app.

An example:

You are a conference organizer that needs to associate some pieces of data with each exhibitor, like the sponsor level they are are on and what the size of their stand should be. You would create two Custom Properties, one called sponsorLevel and another called standSize. When building your app on top of our SDK, you could use these Custom Properties to assign a gold color to your highest paying sponsors' names, and a larger image because of their huge stand size.

In general, your Custom Properties can contain any combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Moreover, if your Solution has multiple languages, you must provide the necessary translations for each Custom Property. When adding a Custom Property through the CMS, a value input field will be provided for each language in your Solution allowing you to input the translated values directly in the CMS.

You can also add Custom Properties through the Integration API with the exact same requirements and options as when adding them via the MapsIndoors CMS.

Known Limitations

Your Custom Properties can not contain special characters (underscores, hyphens, dots etc.) for technical reasons.