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WCAG Compliance

Making MapsIndoors accessible to all is important to us at MapsPeople, and we go to great lengths to make sure you can build accessible apps using our SDKs.

We support building apps that are at least compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA using any of the MapsIndoors SDKs (JavaScript, iOS, and Android). Our SDKs also support screen readers such as Voiceover on iOS and TalkBack on Android.

However, it is important to note that compliance with e.g. WCAG is to some degree a subjective assessment. You will only be judged based on which of the WCAG criteria fit your app's specific use case. We offer our customers the ability to build apps that are (most often) centered around maps, so they are judged on that, not how you would evaluate a music player or news app.

AAA Support

Technically, it is possible to build an app that is AAA compliant under the WCAG assessment, but most legal requirements focus on AA compliance, which is less specific on some points compared to AAA.


MapsPeople provides an External Visually Impaired Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), which details the guidelines and compliance level related to each MapsIndoors SDK. This document can also be acquired in PDF format upon request.

Compliance of SDKs indicate that a WCAG compliant application can be built using the SDK.

A - Beginner Level

GuidelineSummaryStatus iOS SDKStatus Web SDKStatus Android SDK
1.1.1 – Non-text ContentProvide text alternatives for non-text contentCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.2.1 – Audio-only and Video-only (Pre-recorded)Provide an alternative to video-only and audio-only contentNot RelevantNot relevantNot relevant
1.2.2 – Captions (Pre-recorded)Provide captions for videos with audioNot RelevantNot relevantNot relevant
1.2.3 – Audio Description or Media Alternative (Pre-recorded)Video with audio has a second alternativeNot RelevantNot relevantNot relevant
1.3.1 – Info and RelationshipsLogical structureCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.3.2 – Meaningful SequencePresent content in a meaningful orderCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.3.3 – Sensory CharacteristicsUse more than one sense for instructionsCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.1 – Use of ColourDon’t use presentation that relies solely on colourCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.2 – Audio ControlDon’t play audio automaticallyNot relevantNot relevantNot relevant
2.1.1 – KeyboardAccessible by keyboard onlyCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.1.2 – No Keyboard TrapDon’t trap keyboard usersCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.1.4 - Character Key ShortcutsProvide options for Character Key ShortcutsNot RelevantNot relevantNot relevant
2.2.1 – Timing AdjustableTime limits have user controlsNot RelevantCompliantNot Relevant
2.2.2 – Pause, Stop, HideProvide user controls for moving contentNot RelevantNot relevantNot relevant
2.3.1 – Three Flashes or BelowNo content flashes more than three times per secondNot RelevantCompliantNot Relevant
2.4.1 – Bypass BlocksProvide a ‘Skip to Content’ linkNot relevantNot relevantNot relevant
2.4.2 – Page TitledUse helpful and clear page titlesCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.4.3 – Focus OrderLogical orderCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.4.4 – Link Purpose (In Context)Every link’s purpose is clear from its contextCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.5.1 - Pointer GesturesPointer Gestures can be operated with a single pointerCompliantComplaintCompliant
2.5.2 - Pointer CancellationFunctionality for pointer cancellationCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.5.3 - Label in NameName of item contains text that is presented visuallyCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.5.4 - Motion ActuationMotion controls also have user interface componentsCompliantCompliantNot relevant
3.1.1 – Language of PagePage has a language assignedNot relevantCompliantNot relevant
3.2.1 – On FocusElements do not change when they receive focusCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.2.2 – On InputElements do not change when they receive inputCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.3.1 – Error IdentificationClearly identify input errorsCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.3.2 – Labels or InstructionsLabel elements and give instructionsCompliantCompliantCompliant
4.1.1 – ParsingNo major code errorsNot RelevantCompliantNot Relevant
4.1.2 – Name, Role, ValueBuild all elements for accessibilityCompliantCompliantCompliant
GuidelineSummaryStatus iOS SDKStatus Web SDKStatus Android SDK
1.2.4 – Captions (Live)Live videos have captionsNot RelevantNot relevantNot Relevant
1.2.5 – Audio Description (Pre-recorded)Users have access to audio description for video contentNot RelevantNot relevantNot Relevant
1.3.4 - OrientationContent is not restricted to specific orientationCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.3.5 - Identify Input PurposePurpose of input fields is clearNot RelevantNot relevantCompliant
1.4.3 – Contrast (Minimum)Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 4.5:1Compliant, but will depend on colors selected by customer.CompliantCompliant, but will depend on colors selected by customer.
1.4.4 – Resize TextText can be resized to 200% without loss of content or functionCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.5 – Images of TextDon’t use images of textCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.10 - ReflowContent responds dynamically to viewport dimension changesCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.11 - Non-text ContrastNon-textual elements have minimum contrast ratioCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.12 - Text SpacingGuidelines for text spacingCompliantCompliantCompliant
1.4.13 Content on Hover or FocusGuidelines for content behavior on interactionNot RelevantNot relevantCompliant
2.4.5 – Multiple WaysOffer several ways to find pagesCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.4.6 – Headings and LabelsUse clear headings and labelsCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.4.7 – Focus VisibleEnsure keyboard focus is visible and clearCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.1.2 – Language of PartsTell users when the language on a page changesNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
3.2.3 – Consistent NavigationUse menus consistentlyCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.2.4 – Consistent IdentificationUse icons and buttons consistentlyCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.3.3 – Error SuggestionSuggest fixes when users make errorsCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.3.4- Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data)Reduce the risk of input errors for sensitive dataNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
4.1.3 - Status MessagesGuidelines for Status MessagesNot RelevantCompliantCompliant

AAA - Advanced Level

Please note that MapsIndoors is not fully compliant with the AAA Level of accessibility at this time.

GuidelineSummaryStatus iOS SDKStatus Web SDKStatus Android SDK
1.2.6 – Sign Language (Pre-recorded)Provide sign language translations for videosNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
1.2.7 – Extended Audio description (Pre-recorded)Provide extended audio description for videosNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
1.2.8 – Media Alternative (Pre-recorded)Provide a text alternative to videosNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
1.2.9 – Audio Only (Live)Provide alternatives for live audioNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
1.3.6 - Identify PurposePurpose of UI components can be programmatically determinedNot compliantNot compliantNot compliant
1.4.6 – Contrast (Enhanced)Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 7:1Compliant, but will depend on colors selected by customer.CompliantCompliant, but will depend on colors selected by customer.
1.4.7 – Low or No Background AudioAudio is clear for listeners to hearNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
1.4.8 – Visual PresentationOffer users a range of presentation optionsNot CompliantNot CompliantNot Compliant
1.4.9 – Images of Text (No Exception)Don’t use images of textCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.1.3 – Keyboard (No Exception)Accessible by keyboard only, without exceptionCompliantNot CompliantCompliant
2.2.3 – No TimingNo time limitsCompliantNot CompliantCompliant
2.2.4 – InterruptionsDon’t interrupt usersCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.2.5 – Re-authenticatingSave user data when re-authenticatingCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.2.6 - TimeoutsUsers are warned about timeoutsNot RelevantNot RelevantNot Relevant
2.3.2 – Three FlashesNo content flashes more than three times per secondCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.3.3 - Animations from InteractionsMost Animations from Interactions can be disabledNot compliantNot compliantNot compliant
2.4.8 – LocationLet users know where they areNot CompliantNot CompliantNot Compliant
2.4.9 – Link Purpose (Link Only)Every link’s purpose is clear from its textCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.4.10 – Section HeadingsBreak up content with headingsCompliantCompliantCompliant
2.5.5 - Target SizeGuidelines for size of target for pointer inputsNot CompliantNot CompliantNot Compliant
2.5.6 - Concurrent Input MechanismsNon-restriction of input modalitiesCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.1.3 – Unusual wordsExplain any strange wordsCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.1.4 – AbbreviationsExplain any abbreviationsCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.1.5 – Reading LevelUsers with nine years of school can read your contentCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.1.6 – PronunciationExplain any words that are hard to pronounceCompliantCompliantCompliant
3.2.5 – Change on RequestDon’t change elements on your website until users askNot fully compliant, search auto populates results on text inputCompliantNot fully compliant, search auto populates results on text input
3.3.5 – HelpProvide detailed help and instructionsNot CompliantCompliantNot Compliant
3.3.6 – Error Prevention (All)Reduce the risk of all input errorsCompliantCompliantCompliant