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Changelog for the MapsIndoors Flutter Plugin. This document structure is based on Keep a Changelog and the project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[3.0.0] 2024-06-26


  • Added setHighlight and clearHighlight to MapControlWidget which allows you to highlight a list of locations

  • Added new MPCameraViewFitMode: none, which will disable automatic camera movement when changing legs

  • Added addExcludeWayType, clearExcludeWayType to MPDirectionsService to allow the user to exclude specific MPHighways when querying for a route.

  • Added two new MPSolutionDisplayRuleEnums selection and highlight that allows you to modify the look of highlighted and selected Locations.

  • Added support for Flat and Graphic labels, as well as 3D models

  • Added new setters and getters to MPDisplayRule:

    • LabelStyleGraphic

    • LabelType

    • IconScale

    • IconPlacement

    • PolygonLightnessFactor

    • WallLightnessFactor

    • ExtrusionLightnessFactor

    • LabelStyleTextSize

    • LabelStyleTextColor

    • LabelStyleTextOpacity

    • LabelStyleHaloOpacity

    • LabelStyleHaloWidth

    • LabelStyleHaloBlur

    • LabelStyleBearing

    • BadgeVisibile

    • BadgeZoomFrom

    • BadgeZoomTo

    • BadgeRadius

    • BadgeStrokeWidth

    • BadgeStrokeColor

    • BadgeFillColor

    • BadgePosition

    • Model3DModel

    • Model3DRotationX

    • Model3DRotationY

    • Model3DrotationZ

    • Model3DScale

    • Model3DZoomFrom

    • Model3DZoomTo

    • Model3DVisible

  • Added functionality to hide specific features from the map

    • setHiddenFeatures set a list of MPFeatureType to be hidden from the map

    • getHiddenFeatures get a list of currently hidden MPFeatureType

  • Added optional venue loading, use loadMapsIndoorsWithVenues(key, venueIds) to load a specific set of venues

    • Venues can be added and removed from load at any time by using addVenueToSync(venueId) and removeVenueToSync(venueId)

    • Track the status of venues by adding a listener with addOnVenueStatusChangedListener(MPVenueStatusListener)

    • Get a list of synced venues with getSyncedVenues()

  • Added functionality to disable automatic floor and building selection when moving the map

    • setBuildingSelectionMode set a Selection mode for Buildings on the map with MPSelectionMode (automatic or manual)

    • setFloorSelectionMode set a Selection mode for Floors on the map with MPSelectionMode (automatic or manual)

  • Added functionality to make locations selectable.

    • This setting can be found on MPLoction, MPPOIType and MPSolutionConfig

    • Added MPPOIType which can be fetched from MPSolution

  • Added mapsIndoorsTransitionLevel to MapsIndoorsWidget ctor

    • Sets the zoom level at which the MapsIndoors data should show, instead of extruded buildings on Mapbox Maps. Can be set to 0, if extruded buildings should not show.

  • Added multi-stop navigation: It is now possible to add multiple stops to routes.

    • The existing getRoute method gets two optional parameters stops and optimize

    • stops will add the stops to the route between the origin and destination

    • optimize will rearrange the stops to make a more optimal route, but origin and destination will stay the same.


  • Updated Mapsindoors SDKs:

    • Android to 4.8.5

    • iOS to 4.5.7


  • Deprecated clearWayType: use clearAvoidWayType instead

[2.1.6] 2024-05-03


  • Updated Mapsindoors SDKs

    • iOS to 4.3.11

[2.1.5] 2024-03-25


  • Updated Mapsindoors SDKs

    • Android to 4.4.1

    • iOS to 4.3.8

[2.1.4] 2024-02-28


  • Updated Mapsindoors Android SDK 4.3.4


  • Fixed issue with not being able to always get a correct route involving one way paths.

[2.1.3] 2024-02-13


  • New Example app included.


  • Fixed another issue where OnMapReadyListener would not be invoked during the initial load on iOS.

  • Fixed issues where setOnMarkerClickListener, setOnMapClickListener and setOnLocationSelectedListener would not accept being called with optional parameters.

[2.1.2] 2024-02-01


  • Updated Mapsindoors SDKs

    • Android to 4.2.12

    • iOS to 4.2.14

[2.1.1] 2024-01-24


  • Fixed issue where OnMapReadyListener would not be invoked during the initial load on iOS.

[2.1.0] 2024-01-11


  • Updated Mapsindoors SDKs

    • Android to 4.2.10

    • iOS to 4.2.13


  • Added showRouteLegButtons to MPDirectionsRenderer

  • Added setLabelOptions to MapsindoorsWidget

[2.0.0] 2023-08-15


  • Moved from mapsindoors to allow for multiple map providers

  • Changes to classes:

    • MapControl

      • MapControl has merged with the MapsIndoorsWidget, combining them into a single entity. the Widget will still be built in the build tree, and accepts a listener as a parameter to wait for the MapControl part to be initialized.

    • MapsIndoors

      • Has been split up into functions on the namespace to align better with dart language standards. Some methods have changed naming to avoid collision with popular method and parameter naming (eg. MapsIndoors.load is now loadMapsIndoors)

  • Changes to the Widget

    • The MapsIndoorsWidget has been changed to be a UniqueWidget, this is to ensure that the underlying MapsIndoors in the platform code can function normally.

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