User's Location as Point of Origin

Often you may want to get directions starting from a user's actual current position, instead of from another fixed Location. The following code snippet gives an example on how to implement this.

To query for a route, create a MPPoint from the Latitude, longitude and the z-index of the user, and use that on the DirectionsService.query function, like this:

val directionsService = MPDirectionsService(mContext)
//Create an Origin MPPoint with the users latitude, longitude and Z-index. If no Z-index is available just use 0.0
val origin = MPPoint(userLatitude, userLongitude, userZIndex)
val destination = destinationLocation.getPoint()
directionsService.setRouteResultListener { route, error ->
  //Handle the route result here
directionsService.query(origin, destination)

userLatitude, userLongitude. userZIndex and destinationLocation are all placeholder variable names where you insert your data.

Further details on how user positioning works, and how to display it, can be found here.

This results in directions queries originating from the user's current location.a

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