Barrier Route Element

Adding a new Barrier Route Element to your Network enables you to change the underlaying graph data. Common applications encompass the adjustment of wait times, the imposition of access restrictions, and the establishment of one-way designations in specific directions for a particular location.

When adding a new Barrier Route Element you have the option to modify different settings.

  • Restrictions - you can set which types of App User Roles are allowed or prohibited from accessing certain parts of the Route Network.

    • Open for all - all App User Roles are allowed.

    • Open for specific App User Roles - certain App User Roles are allowed. You must select the specific App User Roles you wish to give access to. If no App User Roles are selected, the Closed for all option will be selected automatically.

    • Closed for all - no App User Roles are allowed

  • Delay - to be able to calculate the different routes accurately, you may add some delay to a Barrier Route Element. This property can help us serve your users the fastest/most optimal route. An example can be a very high-traffic area. It is used in estimated arrival time calculations.

  • Radius - you can set the Radius (in meters) for the Barrier Route Element, to ensure it touches the Route Network.

  • Floor Index - the floor onto which the Barrier Route Element should be added. By default, we fill it with the currently active .

  • One way direction (bearing) - the value can be set from 0-360 degrees. It defines the orientation of the one way direction. It is always north faced, so for example if you set a bearing to 45 the one way direction goes from the centre and North East.

At the bottom of the editor you will also find additional information about the Barrier Route Element including the element's id, coordinates, who and when modified it last.

After Saving / Editing / Deleting a Barrier Route Element remember to reload the Route Network to see your changes applied (in case of Automatic Route Network).

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