Search Operations

Search Operations with MapsIndoors

Enhance your application's search capabilities with MapsIndoors data. The following topics offer a brief introduction to various functionalities you can implement. For in-depth guidance, click on the specific topics.

  • Retrieve Specific Location: Use getLocation(id) to obtain individual location objects.

  • Querying Locations: Perform broader searches with getLocations(args).

    • Filter Customization: Fine-tune your searches with specialized query parameters.

  • Using External IDs: Translate your unique IDs to MapsIndoors IDs using getLocationsByExternalId.

  • Advanced Search Integration: Integrate MapsIndoors data into your existing search functionalities.

  • Distance Matrix: Create a distance matrix when dealing with multiple locations. Ref docs here

  • Utilizing MapsIndoors web components

    • Components: MapsIndoors search component, list component, etc.

    • Click Event Handling: Interactive retrieval of location details.

  • Venue and Building Info: Access information about venues and buildings stored in MapsIndoors.

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