Getting Started

For web

This guide will walk you through how to create your own MapsIndoors implementation from the ground up. You will gain experience with the MapsIndoors Software Development Kit (SDK) and the typical development process of using it. Furthermore, you will be able to gain an understanding of the basic concepts, tools and terminology commonly used when interacting with the SDK.

Following features are included in this Getting Started guide:

  • Display an interactive map with MapsIndoors

  • Implement search functionality to interact with the displayed map

  • Generate and show directions between two points on the map

Parts of this guide rely on having access to a MapsIndoors Solution. If you do not have access to this through your own solution, we recommend using our demo API key to access one: d876ff0e60bb430b8fabb145.

During this guide, you can choose between initializing the JavaScript SDK and its classes manually, or implementing the MapsIndoors Web Components which internally handles much of SDK initializations. All steps in the tutorial will be explained for both paths.

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