Working with Events for iOS

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  1. Developing on the new Arm-based Apple Silicon (M1) Macs requires building and running on a physical iOS device or using an iOS simulator running iOS 13.7, e.g. iPhone 11. This is a temporary limitation in Google Maps SDK for iOS, and as such also a limitation in MapsIndoors, due to the dependency to Google Maps.
  2. Note: Due to a bug in CocoaPods it is necessary to include the post_install hook in your Podfile described in the PodFile post_install wiki.

The MapControl delegate can inform you when the various data from the MapsIndoors services are loaded through it's MPMapControlDelegate so you should set the delegate, in most of the cases with the current UIViewController:

myMapControl.delegate = self

Implement the onMapDataReady method :

class ViewController: UIViewController, MPMapControlDelegate

Then implementing the methods below :

func onMapDataReady(){