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Map Design

Best practices for amazing looking maps
All our solutions come with a default design system, which has been carefully crafted to look amazing in most scenarios. Take a look.

Basic Styling

Use our CMS to do basic styling using display rules. Here is a rundown of the available handles; you can tweak them to whatever you like.


  • Use .svg file format for the best resolution
  • Flatten and outline the SVG in a vector software like Figma before uploading


  • Use a HEX code to change the fill and stroke color

2D Model

  • Upload a .png image for the best results
  • Keep the file size as low as possible for best performance

3D Walls

  • Add walls around the area polygon
  • Height, color, and zoom level visibility are customizable

3D Extrusion

  • Extrude the entire area polygon upwards
  • Height, color, and zoom level visibility are customizable

3D Model

  • Use .glb file format, and try to optimize the poly count to as low a number as possible
  • A good scalable file size to aim for is 25kb - 250kb
  • Use real measurements for the easiest placement (meters)

Advanced Styling

How to elevate a 3D model

The model's origin point will be placed on the ground, so to create the illusion that a model is up in the air, move the model inside your 3D software without moving the origin point.
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