Webex Integration

The Webex integration is one of our supported server-side Live Data integrations.

This integration was developed to integrate against Webex Room Kits through the xAPI.

We currently support the following Live Data Domain Types based on the information retrieved from the Webex Room Kits, do note, however that not all Room Kits support all of these.

  • Occupancy, what the occupancy is around the Webex Room Kit, either as a boolean value to indicate if the area is occupied or not, or as a number of occupants depending on the state of the Webex Room Kit.

  • Temperature, what the temperature is around the Webex Room Kit.

  • Humidity, what the humidity is around the Webex Room Kit.

In order to use the Webex integration it is required that the Webex Devices are linked to MapsIndoors Rooms, e.g. linking the Room Kit of a meeting room to that meeting room in MapsIndoors.

  • Webex Devices are linked using the provided Device ID of the devices in question, and will require the assistance of our Support Help Desk to set up.

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