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Getting a Polygon from a Location

Some locations in MapsIndoors can have additional polygon information. These polygons can be used to render a room or area in a special way or make geofences, calculating whether another point or location is contained within the polygon.
If a MPLocation has polygons, these can be retrieved using:
let polygons = location.geometry
let polygon = polygons.first
switch location.geometry?.type {
case "Point":
let point = location.geometry as? MPPoint
case "Polygon":
if let polygon = location.geometry as? MPPolygonGeometry, let perimeter = polygon.path {
for point in perimeter {
let lat = point.coordinate.latitude
let long = point.coordinate.longitude
case "MultiPolygon":
if let multiPolygon = location.geometry as? MPMultiPolygonGeometry {
// ...
print("Unsupported geometry")
As demonstrated above, a polygon's outer ring/path as well as holes are arranged as [longitude, latitude] pairs. As not all locations have polygons, the polygon array may be empty. On the contrary, some locations, like entire building floors, might have more than polygon.
Last modified 1mo ago