Display Route on map

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Use the MPDirectionsService class to search for directions. You need to build a query using the MPDirectionsQuery class.

This example shows how to setup a query for a route and display the result on the map:

let directions = MPDirectionsService.init()
let renderer = MPDirectionsRenderer.init()
renderer.delegate = self

let origin = MPPoint.init(lat: 57.057917, lon: 9.950361, zValue:0)
let destination = MPPoint.init(lat: 57.058038, lon: 9.950509, zValue:0)

let directionsQuery = MPDirectionsQuery.init(originPoint: origin!, destination: destination!)

directions.routing(with: directionsQuery) { (route, error) in
    renderer.map = self.map
    renderer.route = route
    renderer.routeLegIndex = 0

The route object is seperated into objects of MPRouteLeg and these legs are again seperated indo objects of MPRouteStep. A specific part of the route can be rendered by setting the routeLegIndex and/or routeStepIndex properties.

let renderer = MPDirectionsRenderer.init()
renderer.routeLegIndex = 0
renderer.routeStepIndex = 1

The length of the legs and steps arrays determines the possible values of routeLegIndex and routeStepIndex (0 ..< length).